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Series: Guidance on Serving Complex Populations

These four bog posts focus on local and national innovations to offer guidance on serving complex populations.The series examines the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers efforts to develop cross-sector partnerships between health care and social service agencies through data-sharing, build shared outcomes with community-based organizations, and use asset maps to match community supports for complex patients, and documents the Coalition approach to patient engagement.

Part 1: Forging healthcare and social service partnerships through data sharing: The Camden Coalition Health Information Exchange, describes the work of the Camden Coalition Health Information Exchange (HIE) to expand the boundaries of data-driven care by building a data-sharing relationship between a social service organization and a housing provider.

Part 2: Building shared outcomes with community based organizations: Navigating challenges to address social needs, discusses new partnerships between health systems and community-based organizations and opportunities to improve access to resources and supports for social needs.

Part 3: Using asset maps to match community supports for patients with complex care needs: An interview with the Camden Coalition’s Lauran Hardin offers a step-by-step guide to identifying community resources that address the mismatch between patient needs and the services available to them.

Part 4: Our COACHing nature: The Camden Coalition’s approach to patient engagement, discusses authentic healing relationships and the Camden Coalition’s framework for fostering strong connections between provider and patient to increase patient motivation and active self-management.



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