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Reinstating SNAP Work-Related Time Limits

04.2019 / By Urban Institute

This report explores the effects of Kentucky’s reinstatement of work-related time limits on the SNAP participation of able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) by examining SNAP caseload data from January 2017 to September 2018. During that time, it found that:

  • The ABAWD caseload declined by 30 percent compared to a 12 percent decline for the overall caseload. The decline in participation among adults in the ABAWD category cannot be solely attributed to time limits, but the limits appear to account for a significant portion of exits from the program.
  • In a comparison of two sets of counties that face similar economic challenges and had similar caseload trends prior to state’s decision to reinstate time limits, counties with reinstated time limits experienced a 44 percent decline in their ABAWD caseload compared to 2 percent decline in counties that have the waivers still in place.
  • At least 13,122 able-bodied adults without dependents lost SNAP benefits because they reached the three-month time limit, representing 20 to 22 percent of the ABAWD caseload.



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