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Medicaid’s Role in Children’s Health

This brief reviews the substantial opportunities state policymakers have to affect the health—and future well-being and productivity—of their youngest residents through their Medicaid programs.

This brief is one in a series of seven on key Medicaid issues for state policymakers. The series is designed to assist new state leaders in understanding the Medicaid program and their role in using it to improve the health of their states’ residents and communities.

#1: Priority Medicaid Issues for New State Officials

#2: Medicaid: The Basics

#3: Medicaid’s Impact on Health Care Access, Outcomes and State Economies

#4: Medicaid’s Role in Children’s Health

#5: Medicaid’s Role in Addressing Social Determinants of Health

#6: Medicaid’s Role in Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

#7: Medicaid Managed Care: Increasing Expectations and Accountability



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