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Expanding Medicaid to Help Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—the nation’s largest foundation focused solely on health—hosted a virtual discussion explaining what Medicaid does, who it covers, and who is left out. 

Medicaid provides health insurance coverage to one in five people in the United States and plays a vital role promoting health and reducing disparities. The Affordable Care Act incentivized states to expand Medicaid, leading to nearly 19 million people gaining coverage since 2014. 

States that expanded Medicaid have seen higher rates of health insurance coverage, improved health outcomes, lower incidence of maternal mortality and premature death, and increased economic activity. Twelve states have not expanded Medicaid, leaving more than 2.2 million people without access to quality, affordable coverage.

This webinar discusses the research on how Medicaid saves lives, reduces costs, and helps eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities.



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