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August 2022

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Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Raising the Bar provides an actionable framework for the entire healthcare sector to embed equity throughout its work and help achieve optimal health for all.


This commentary tells the story of Danielle, whose small business struggled in the opening months of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to trying to keep her business afloat, Danielle also had to care for her son and home school him. Medicaid provided Daneille with the mental health support needed to keep moving forward during an incredibly challenging period. 

That’s Medicaid shares stories of people covered by Medicaid at critical points in their lives, underscoring the importance of stable health insurance coverage to building a nationwide Culture of Health.


This blog explores how states can coordinate and prepare communications related to the end of the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement with clear messaging to inform enrollees, help to reduce churn, and maximize coverage renewal, retention, and transition.


This report provides excerpts of health disparities and health equity language from Medicaid managed care (MMC) contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs) from 17 states and the District of Columbia. The criteria for inclusion in this compendium are contracts and RFPs that explicitly address health disparities and/or health equity.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most insurers and employers to cover a set of preventive health services at no cost to enrollees. This blog analyzes a case pending in federal court that threatens to cut off consumers’ access to these services by allowing insurers to impose cost-sharing or, in some cases, cease covering them altogether.


Amid rising healthcare costs, this blog explores how a public coverage option in the individual and small group Marketplace could help reduce costs and expand access to coverage for people with job-based insurance.


This blog examines insurers use of utilization management tactics, including prior authorization and claims review.


This commentary tells the story of the CSA Partnerships for Health, which Federally Qualified Health Centers in the Portland, Oregon area to provide Medicaid and low-income patients access to produce from local farms. 


This blog examines how employers’ decisions on whether and how to cover travel costs related to abortion care will have a significant impact on whether workers are able to access abortion services far from home.


This blog reviews ways states can support the identification and implementation of tech-enabled innovations to Medicaid systems.


This brief highlights key successes and lessons learned from Oklahoma's implementation of new harm reduction policies. 


This blog analyzes the array of legislation states have considered related to Long COVID and using pandemic relief funding to enhance the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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