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February 2022

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This report examines existing data and research to comprehensively describe the scope and prevalence of obesity and available obesity treatments in the US covered by fee-for-service Medicaid, Medicaid managed care, state employee health plans, and state essential health benefits benchmark plans.

This blog explores the obstacles consumers have faced obtaining free preventive services since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010.


This Blog explores Oregon's new kindergarten readiness incentive metric in its Medicaid program focused on social-emotional health to help solidify the connection between a child’s health and their success in school and beyond. 


This commentary tells the story of John and Bernie, who both turned to Medicaid after losing their jobs. Medicaid coverage gave Bernie access to needed medical care following a heart attack and provided John with coverage after he broke his leg. 

Chart , Graphic

This infographic details state-level trends in public coverage, private coverage, and those without health insurance coverage summarizing The National Center for Health Statistics recently released National Health Statistics Report, which presents state-level estimates of health insurance coverage using data from the 2020 National Health Interview Survey.

This facts sheet explores the U.S. mortality data of alcohol-related deaths and drug overdoses reported within the last ten years, highlighting patterns and a crescendo in numbers during the pandemic.


This chart provides an overview of how states legislatures are acting to coordinate and direct the uses and disbursement of opioid abatement funds. 


This blog summarizes the actions state leaders have taken to invest in and strengthen school-based mental health systems addressing students' mental health needs brought upon by COVID-19. 


This blog summarizes practical steps and recommendations for alternative payment models to help state Medicaid agencies make care more accessible and equitable, and drive better health outcomes. 

Webinar & Presentations

This video discusses the 2021 release of the National Health Security Preparedness Index.

Resource Page

This resource page outlines what palliative care is, how it can improve quality of life and how state policymakers can bridge the information gap.


This report builds on The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) ’ draft “Recommendation Memo,” to make a public health insurance option available in the individual market and, potentially, the small group market as well.


This blog explores how CMS's proposal to resurrect and revise its previous initiative that encouraged health insurance companies selling plans in the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM) would impact consumers.


This blog profiles Indiana’s plans to launch Medicaid managed long-term services and supports in 2024, under which a majority of participants are expected to be dually eligible individuals.


This blog explores a set of primary care standards to help states explicitly make health equity a focus of primary care standards and incentivize practice-level activities aligned with broader state health equity goals.


This blog examines important questions officials are considering as they monitor shifting trends of telehealth utilization across the country.


This chart provides a snapshot of cost-growth benchmark programs, cost-containment strategies that limit how much a state’s health care spending can grow each year, across the United States.


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