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February 2020

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This podcast discusses the strategies and challenges faced while developing meaningful consumer engagement strategies for Colorado and Washington State Medicaid.


This report assesses attitudes toward and concerns about the 2020 Census, drawing on data from the December 2019 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey.


Carolyn was working two jobs without health insurance when she fell in her home and cracked her hip. Unable to afford out-of-pocket expenses, Carolyn received disability coverage through Medicaid.


Alecia was born with Down Syndrome, a lifelong condition that comes with physical and developmental challenges. Iowa’s Medicaid coverage empowers her to live independently.


This report focuses on how Medicaid programs can use data from the American Community Survey (ACS), to inform and target interventions that seek to address social determinants of health and advance health equity.


This report proposes a measurement model for trauma-informed primary care and suggest variables that could be assessed for each major intervention component.


This paper summarizes emerging evidence in the field of how social determinants of health shape health outcomes and identifies key areas where more research is needed to advance implementation and policy development.


This article examines Advancing Integrated Models (AIM), a project through which eight organizations are designing and piloting new strategies for integrating innovative, “next-generation” approaches to person-centered care for individuals with complex health and social needs.


02.2020 / By Urban Institute

This report studies New Hampshire’s Medicaid work requirement program to understand how it was implemented and why it appears to fail to protect coverage and promote work.

Report , Webinar & Presentations

This report reviews the key features of the proposed capped funding demonstrations and highlights the considerations for states. On January 30, 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a State Medicaid Director Letter (SMDL) inviting states to apply for Section 1115 demonstration projects that would impose caps on federal Medicaid funding for the adult expansion and some other adult populations in exchange for new programmatic flexibility.


In this podcast, three individuals from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services discuss how they have created an environment that values transparency and staff well-being.


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