July 2018

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Webinar & Presentations

07.2018 / By State Health and Value Strategies

This webinar reviews the Stewart v. Azar decision and potential implications for states with approved, pending or planned Medicaid waivers that include work/community engagement requirements. The court’s findings may shape what analysis will be necessary to demonstrate that future waivers advance the Medicaid statute's objectives.


07.2018 / By Urban Institute

The ACA has made considerable gains in health insurance coverage, but many remain uninsured. This is an update to a 2015 analysis of the characteristics of the remaining uninsured, focusing on people uninsured in 2017 as well as how the characteristics of this population have changed.


07.2018 / By State Health Access Data Assistance Center

This report examines the United States opioid epidemic at the state-level, analyzing trends in overdose deaths from heroin and other opioids. Using vital statistics data, it looks at which states have the highest rates of opioid-related deaths and which have experienced the largest increases in death rates.


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