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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is committed to ensuring everyone in America has quality, affordable health insurance and access to high-quality care. To support improvements to systems of care and coverage, the Foundation funds robust programs that provide expert technical assistance to states across the country.

Economic Impact of Medicaid

Check out our ongoing series of national and state-based reports, tools and presentations on the state economic impact of Medicaid.

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State Health Reform Assistance Network

The State Network supports states as they implement coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act, giving more Americans access to quality, affordable health insurance.

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State Health and Value Strategies

State Health and Value Strategies (SHVS) supports states’ efforts as they work to improve population health and reform the delivery of health care services.

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Our Most Recent Work

June 22, 2017

Resources for States on Medicaid Financing Proposals

A major element of the federal legislative proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is a change to the financing structure for Medicaid. Understanding the effect this funding change will have on Medicaid programs is a critical priority for states. The State Health and Value Strategies program is working to analyze the financing changes from a state perspective.
Jun 23, 2017

Following our June 5th webinar, “Per Capita Caps Under Medicaid: Emerging Issues for States,” State Network, in partnership with technical experts from Manatt Health, is hosting a series of conversations that will provide opportunities for state leadership to dive deeper into emerging issues. Given the recent release of the Senate repeal and replace proposal, we will review and discuss the Senate’s BCRA. State Network, in partnership with technical experts from Manatt Health, will host a webinar during which we will review the major Medicaid provisions of the BCRA, providing an opportunity for state leadership to understand how the Senate bill compares to the AHCA and its potential implications for states. This session will start with a short presentation, followed by time for Q&A and a discussion, focusing on the Medicaid provisions of the BCRA.
Jun 16, 2017 Issue Brief

The American Health Care Act (AHCA), as passed by the House of Representatives on May 4, 2016, would overhaul federal financing of state Medicaid programs, and for the first time, would cap federal Medicaid funding. As policymakers debate the potential implications of per capita caps, it has been suggested that per capita caps are really no different than Medicaid managed care—a concept with which states are fully familiar and well able to manage. This policy brief tests that hypothesis by examining the similarities and differences between the federal per capita cap and a state’s per capita “cap” in Medicaid managed care spending.